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Mailsoc—The World’s First Email Competitor Announced

Still using email? Time to think again! Introducing Mailsoc, the world’s first private and proprietary technology to connect world domains. Mailsoc is primed to take on e-mail, the first competitor of its kind. It is representing a new generation of mail technology. This next generation Mail platform with custom inbuilt modern tools and helps to socialize between different domains. For instance, instead of using Facebook or social networking sites, it helps to socialize from a domain name to other domain users. Mailsoc was created with a vision of providing futuristic mailing experience. An experience where people could send private video, protect their privacy, privately socialize, and just use mail to do all of the work instead of depending, spending, and managing many software’s providing modern, smart built-in editors such as Word, Sheet, Paint, Slides, Audio, and Video.

Mailsoc’s proprietary technology helps save millions of terabytes of space used in email. Also, it is free of spam, unlike email which is prone to easy spamming. With Mailsoc, users will be able to send large size attachments, greater than one gigabyte, compared to the ten megabytes safe limit with email. Mailsoc is providing modern mailing, spam-free, allowing users to socialize, send large sized mails, and giving them unlimited storage!




Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to replace email with the next generation of mail!

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About Mailsoc:

Mailsoc is an Innovative technology, It is created by a group of technologists who have worked with email technology and dedicated years on developing this Innovation. There are public clients which will be open for free usage for any internet user and private clients exclusive for any particular domain, which can be grabbed for exclusive offers through the campaign.

What do users say?

Nik Crossman

“Rethinking Email, something that hasn’t been done in 40 years!”

Daisuke Osada

“Mailsoc is the most greatest mail platform”


Email Alternative – Mailsoc

Mailsoc was created to help users to Mail with Modern tools, Never thought of competing with Email but yes it would be an alternative to Email.  Where both are Domain based communication.

In Mailsoc we thought of solving Email users everyday problem of depending upon outside software’s to Mail like Downloading & Uploading documents. By giving inbuilt Modern tools to Mail.

Then we thought of fixing few more problems like Spamming (Very Important), In Mailsoc users wont find any Spam in their Inbox and we would be able to identify & track spammers.

Mailsoc doesn’t bore you like Email, you could identify connections between users, and creates an environment to have Private Social communication.

Just Enjoy Mailsocing…………


Mailsoc – Modern Mail Platform

Mailsoc is a Modern Mail Platform.
First competitor to Email, It is a Domain based communication Platform (Can be used for any Domain).

In Email we depend upon outside software’s & OS to Mail. We need to upload & download to view or edit.

Mailsoc Users can Mail in Video, sheet (Like Excel) , Rich word  (Insert video, Photos, Audio), Paint, Slide (Presenter) and Audio, there are inbuilt editors in Mailsoc so people can communicate using Modern tools, without depending upon outside software’s & relying on OS.
In Mailsoc you can have private Video sharing, comment on Mails. Mailsoc clients (Public clients) are free to use for anyone who wanted to communicate Mails in Modern way.

Can be used as a private Social platform.
No Spam in Inbox, Safe & secure.

Try Mailsoc clients Emailsoc, Gomailsoc Now