Email Alternative – Mailsoc

Mailsoc was created to help users to Mail with Modern tools, Never thought of competing with Email but yes it would be an alternative to Email.  Where both are Domain based communication.

In Mailsoc we thought of solving Email users everyday problem of depending upon outside software’s to Mail like Downloading & Uploading documents. By giving inbuilt Modern tools to Mail.

Then we thought of fixing few more problems like Spamming (Very Important), In Mailsoc users wont find any Spam in their Inbox and we would be able to identify & track spammers.

Mailsoc doesn’t bore you like Email, you could identify connections between users, and creates an environment to have Private Social communication.

Just Enjoy Mailsocing…………


Mailsoc – Modern Mail Platform

Mailsoc is a Modern Mail Platform.
First competitor to Email, It is a Domain based communication Platform (Can be used for any Domain).

In Email we depend upon outside software’s & OS to Mail. We need to upload & download to view or edit.

Mailsoc Users can Mail in Video, sheet (Like Excel) , Rich word  (Insert video, Photos, Audio), Paint, Slide (Presenter) and Audio, there are inbuilt editors in Mailsoc so people can communicate using Modern tools, without depending upon outside software’s & relying on OS.
In Mailsoc you can have private Video sharing, comment on Mails. Mailsoc clients (Public clients) are free to use for anyone who wanted to communicate Mails in Modern way.

Can be used as a private Social platform.
No Spam in Inbox, Safe & secure.

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